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10,000 Kicks

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

It’s fun to get new tools and information. It’s great to have a huge toolbox that you can use. But there comes a time when we need to go back and revisit the basics.

1. Why are you here?
2. What do you want to do?
3. How will you do it?

Answer the questions any way you like. Be as verbose as you want or as concise as you want. The point is to clarify this to yourself. If you can do this you’re halfway there.

The rest are just frills. Even though they’re great, if you lose sight on these basic questions the tools are useless.

You’re just hammering together random pieces of wood into something you hope will float.


Yeah, I toootally get you wanting to break the conventions of what a “ship” is but… That’s not a ship? And, umm, we’re kind of stuck on this desert island so… Could we be more like, you know, practical?

While writing my book “Blocks” i’ve had a chance to think back over the last couple of years. It’s made it necessary to revisit some old ideas and things that have worked, but also things that haven’t worked.

One of the major mistakes i’d made was to learn about or developed an idea and then rushed back excited to my clients and told them about this new thing they can use. They’d get jazzed and wanted to try it out immediately.

The thing I didn’t take into account was that, since i’d had time to test things out and hack away the inessentials, the clients might not have had the time they needed to hone their other skills.

Basically, i’d been teaching people 10,000 kicks insteads of letting them develop one kick at a time.

I’d have to remind people to focus on the core stuff. The ship needs a solid foundation before putting on the ornaments.

That’s why we should take today and have a look at the basics.

If you’re curious about my answers they are:

1. I’m here to bring out the best in people.
2. I want to make the world more creative.
3. I’ll do it by coaching, lecturing and writing.

Here we quote!

“I am interested in the simple basics, which is I love to dance and I love to make people dance.” – Madonna

“I was a better writer when I was teaching. I was constantly going over the basics and constantly reminding myself, as I reminded my students, what made a good story, a good poem.” – Gil Scott-Heron

“I think a lot of modern day guitarists start off playing like Eddie van Halen, and they don’t take the time to learn the basics.” – Alvin Lee

“Stick to the basics, hold on to your family and friends – they will never go out of fashion.” – Niki Taylor

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