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Personal Iteration

“You iterate towards the truth. You don’t know it.” – James Lovelock

I love words. I love words like “iteration”. A definition of it is: “ a procedure in which repetition of a sequence of operations yields results successively closer to a desired result“. Sounds stiff? Sure, but what it means in the real world is something wonderful!

Look at anything, or everything, around you. Look at your phone, a fan (much needed), a bicycle, a tree or a shovel. It didn’t start out that way. The designs weren’t perfect the first time around. They’ve gone through many iterations to get to where they are. Whether they’re made by nature or human hands they’ve got their roots in other designs and ideas.

We need to start out somewhere, try it out, get feedback and improve on it.

I'm listening

I call him Earl.

Earlier today as I was writing a segment on the coaching aspect of consulting I came to a realization. I wasn’t a “Music Consultant” anymore. It’s a feeling i’d had for a while. I’ve been working with artists & creatives in fields other than music. I kept the title since it felt like my passion was helping people with their music and art. Now it felt like i’d graduated.



The world needs to know and understand more about what creativity is, how we can use it both in our work as well as in our private lives. During the years i’ve met so many people who’ve said the same things: “I’m just not naturally a creative person”, “I wish I could be more creative”, “Isn’t creativity something you either have or don’t have?”. Yes, yes it is, and we all have it!

What’s happened is people have confused creativity with art. Creativity is NOT art. Creativity is making your ideas reality. Art is making them beautiful.

Take the car as an example. The first modern car was invented in 1886 by Karl Benz. It’s been through many iterations since then. It’s become safer, faster and more beautiful. But the history goes back even further. Just think of what we needed to invent before that. The carriage, the steam enginge, metalworking and not to forget the wheel.


The test results are back and apparently the circles hurt people’s asses the least so…

So what started out as wanting to help my peers in the music industry turned into a mission to help the world be more creative. I’ve evolved into your Creative Coach.I want you to take all your previous experiences and share them with the world. See what happens. Learn from it and improve.

We’re all just iterations of what we’re becoming.

Daniel Crosby – You’re Not That Great

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