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First Come, First Serve

“Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.” – Ayrton Senna

Some time back me and my friend were joking around and this concept of a figure formed. Basically, it was a salad with a personality.

Shut up, it was funny as hell! The strangest things come out when you’re goofing off and being creative.

Anyway, I drew the character that I saw in my mind. When I showed it to her she said that she’d seen something completely different in her mind.

This got me thinking about instances when i’d been co-writing on songs with others and our visions diverged. We agreed on the general concepts, it just felt like the other guy’s idea sounded about as appealing as a bag of snot.


Is too! S’not! Ugh, that’s too graphic… Take it down… Please…

So what ended up happening in those cases was that we each wrote our own lyrics with the same concept. Weirdest thing? They were both good, with their own strengths and weaknesses. When people heard them they could sense a common theme. So which one was better? The one they heard first! One would think that taste would account for some difference, but in general most people just preferred the first one.

“So lyrics/substance/passion don’t matter?!”. Whoa, calm your tits Charlie. They do. But only if they’re really, really god-awful.

See, when it’s above a certain level where it’s “good enough”, it can only be seen as “better” if it’s better by an order of magnitude.

Like the example showed, since both our lyrics were “good enough” it didn’t really matter. Let’s face it, they were still works in progress and not masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination.

I later learned that there’s a term for this in the business world called “FMA”, short for “First Mover Advantage”.

This is basically the adult equivalent of seeing a cookie and liking it before anybody else does. Only the cookie is worth a billion dollars and all the other kids are like that one creepy kid who doesn’t mind that you licked the cookie…You know… Terrence.

We're #1!

Yeah? Well, you look like #2.

Sometimes it’s better to just get your stuff out there. Realize that, as I said in this post, perfection is an asymptote. You’ll never reach it, after a certain point only yo will notice the difference, and in some cases the flaws and foibles are what’s endearing!

Note: When I first posted this I didn’t notice the missing “u” above in “you”, so, just to prove a point i’ll leave it like this. Forever and ever. Spelling police be damned!

I might give a slag here and there about us in the business of creativity not being hip to the jive of regular business. But sometimes I realize that we’re really, really lucky. Check the video about what the world of academia and science has found in our business that they lacked.

The creative process, baby! =D

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