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Speak Up

“If you are given only one opportunity to speak, be certain your voice is heard.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Today’s lesson is in speaking up for what we feel is right.

There are times when we’re put through the wringer and feel like we have to swallow it and move on smiling. Usually it’s because we think we’ll risk losing something important. A job, money, security, love etc.

This compromise isn’t easy. We have to understand and accept when these choices are made. They come from a place of fear.

What if we act out of love? That we love ourselves enough to not accept things as they are simply because we risk losing something? If we don’t lose that we lose something else. Ourselves.

It’s easier to do when there aren’t people and circumstances that depend on you being a stable source of income.

I won’t presume to dictate what people should or shouldn’t do. It’s just something worth reflecting on before one just simply “takes it up the hee-haw”.


“Sandy, Sandy, why, oh Sandy?”

Videogame & movie scores don’t often get mentioned in the debate about music rights. I saw a video that made me think of all the great videogame and movie experiences i’ve had that’ve been elevated by a wonderful score.

Austin Wintory who’s worked on two of my favorite game scores; “Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded” and “Journey”, released this video that speaks about how we’ve still got a way to go as an industry. We need good people interested in how music can spread through new technology and media.

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