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This Is Your Captain Speaking!

“Everyone who wills can hear the inner voice. It is within everyone.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Most of us, most of the time, just keep going on autopilot. We think thoughts and just keep going through the motions, thinking about the past, thinking about the future. How often are we here in the now?

On one hand it’s good to be planning ahead and also looking at past experiences and seeing what we could learn from them. On the other how many moments do we get to spend just appreciating what is?

We could use some time to just wind down and meditate.

Just like with creativity it’ll take some time to calm the heck down. Our minds race and the lizard brain just fires away feeling really uncomfortable. But who’s that listening to it? It’s the captain.

Airplane Movie

This is your captain speaking!

Like I said, most of the time we’re on autopilot. But we can choose what thoughts we act upon and also have some ability to “bring back” our focus. We still need to accept that the chatterbox exists but we don’t need to be controlled by it.


Your inner rapper: Fluo-Rida!

Sometimes this chatter can lead to really cool ideas! It can still serve a purpose and sometimes we just need to let it rip, rap and away for a while. It can be a real idea generator!


Better check yourself!

Have you taken the time lately to just listen to yourself for a while? You might be in need of some serenity and calm. Check out this really cool story below and if you get the chance to pick up the book it’s well worth a read!

Dan Harris – The Long Journey to Becoming 10% Happier

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