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Preparation Meets Opportunity

I was out to lunch with a colleague, we were talking about a brand and how we should work it into our current network of clients. You know, basically just throwing ideas around how we could present it.

Well… I was working with a client and in the middle of our session I got passed a message by my colleague to present the idea. I gave him the “dude, WTF?!”-look and he just nodded and smiled as if to say: “Go for it man!”.

Jackie "WTF" Chan

This is kind of how I felt in that moment.

I pitched the idea to the client based on what we’ve discussed during lunch. Needless to say, it was an awful pitch. The client was slightly confused on how it would benefit her but said that she’d give it a look.

Later in the day we sent her a message with further details once we’d actually sat down and written it out. But we’ll see what she says, it’s a good idea but the timing was off.

Hot Dog, Bad Timing

No. It’s not that kind of a wiener. Just really bad timing.

These things happen, and it might have been good. We knew what NOT to say in the message and we have a clearer picture and a kind of “template” for our other clients.

That’s what I felt this morning when I saw another clients message. He had promised someone that i’d make a call and I thought: “I don’t want to face a situation where i’m not ready to present this in the best possible way!”.

And what does the universe do? It neatly hands me another situation where I have to face just that.

It’s kind of beautiful.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

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