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Saved by the Bell Curve

Sometimes it just happens.

Someone or a group of people get a great idea, song or product and choose to share it with the world.

Might go slow at first. But then it starts, a couple of people get into it. Then it’s quiet for a while. Then a couple more. Then there’s a steady stream. Now it’s getting more intense and people are making a buzz… And then, suddenly… BLAM! It’s just everywhere!

In some cases it’s supersonic, thanks in no small part to the internet letting us connect and share stuff seconds after it’s done. In other cases it takes time and builds up over a longer period. But when it crosses that chasm, man, it’s a trip!

Diffusion of Innovations

Diffusion of Innovations – A bell curve.

The latest example of this is the amazing support and crowdfunding of “Kung Fury” (see the trailer further down).

It just snowballed. And it did it in just a couple of days. I don’t have the full story but all I know is that the guy showed passion and conviction in the project, as well as did most of the work (proof of concept) before asking for help. He did it right. And we can all learn from that.

He also got “lucky” since a lot of the “right people” saw it and spread it on to their friends and acquaintances.

He was in short: Saved by the bell curve.

Full disclosure: I’m highly biased. I LOVE 80’s music, bad-ass action lines, Miami Vice, martial arts and basically everything this movie stands for! =D

So, what happens? Malcolm Gladwell explains it more in depth in his book “The Tipping Point”.

We have three types of people: Mavens, Connectors and Salesmen.

Mavens are the scouting party. Actively seeking out cutting edge technology, music et al. They gladly help people get new information, products and services.

Connectors are the messengers. Surrounding themselves with a lot of people from different backgrounds and influencing them by sheer charm and the ability to connect them. Extremely social beings!

Salesmen are the negotiators. They pitch the idea to people that haven’t been convinced yet. Are very persuasive!

Mavens supply information to connectors. Connectors spread it across a lot of demographics. The different demographics have salesmen that pitch the idea and… There you go!

There it is! If you’d like to get more into it you can pick up the following books:

Malcolm Gladwell – The Tipping Point

Seth Godin – Unleashing the Ideavirus (It’s FREE! Click here!)

Everett Rogers – Diffusion of Innovations

Geoffrey A. Moore – Crossing The Chasm

Jonah Berger – Contagious – Why Things Catch On (Listening to it right now!)

I find the clip from Sasquatch Festival 2009 a perfect illustration of what we’ve talked about here. If we watch it with the right eyes, we can learn a lot about innovation and leadership.

Show your idea, share it and believe that you can change the world. And you just might!

Law of Diffusion of Innovations & Leadership demonstrated by dancer @ Sasquatch Festival 2009:

Kung Fury – Trailer:

Seth Godin – Unleashing the Ideavirus (Free PDF download):

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