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This is a playground, not a workplace!

One of the main things that i’ve noticed people having a hard time with are blocks.

Most of them are put up and neatly stacked before you even get a chance to try things out. Here are some of my “favorites”:

  • “No, I can’t.”
  • “What if people don’t like it?”
  • “I’ll do it when…”
  • “I don’t think they would let me.”
  • “It’s too hard!”

This is just your lizard brain/reptilian brain panicking and thinking it’s under threat.


So, how do we get past it? Well the first part is understanding and accepting it. Not in the sense that you accept that it’s just how it is and that it’s never going to change. No, more like accepting that it’s a part of the, and here comes the buzzword, PROCESS!

See, for a long time the lizard brain served a key purpose and in some cases still does. But when it comes to our creativity, self-esteem and orenda (the will to change ourselves and our world) it’s more than a block. It’s a freaking mountain.

What’s the process then? By getting to know “what it is” and “why it’s there” we now can get to “what to do about it”.

If you want to get unblocked you need to carve out the following:

  1. A place away from work where you feel free to think, play and be creative.
  2. A specific time in which to play. Take at least 1h30min since it takes approximately 30 minutes to calm your lizard brain!
  3. Keep confident! As silly, impossible or “wrong” something feels refer from judgement until you’ve explored the ideas. You never know how it can help you forward. Also known as lateral thinking!
  4. Have FUN! This is a playground, not a workplace! =D

When you’ve put in the time and effort of play you can keep coming back to the thoughts you generated. The right lyrics, the perfect beats or best ideas don’t need to come during the actual play. Usually your brain comes up with the greatest things when doing something completely unrelated.

You know the feeling of realizing something profound while taking a shower? We might call it a “eureka”-moment but the truth is that those moments only come to us when we’ve put in the hard work!

Here are 3 things I ask my clients to reflect on once we’ve unblocked their creativity:

  1. What do you love? Make a list of your favorite music, artists, painters, writers, books, movies, tv.series, games… In short, everything that inspires you and makes you feel good. Surround yourself with these things!
  2. What’s stopping you? Think about the things that stand in the way of you reaching your goals. Both inner and outer,
  3. What people do you need around you who can help you and let you focus on your strengths? You’re talented, keep focusing on and improving that!

Take some time to think about these things and you’ll get to know yourself a little better. And that really goes a long, long way!

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