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Happy New Year! Happy New Blog!

Fantastic ’14 is here! =D

I’d like to share my favorite experience of last year:

Me and an artist were having our 4th consultation and we had covered a lot of ground. So I felt that she was well on her way and just needed a couple of weeks to get the songs, social media and practical things in order before our follow up. She followed me to the station and started talking about how happy she was that things were on a roll.

Then she started to get choked up and started telling me how hard it had been to have all these ideas and not knowing how to get them out there, how she felt like she didn’t get support from people and had seriously thought about giving up on her dreams (also a great painter) and just focus on her job. Then she started to cry, I was surprised to say the least and all I could do was to hug her. We joked and started talking about the future and everything was fine.

On the train home I started reflecting on how often we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We gladly encourage others, thank them and compliment them. How often do we say these things to ourselves?

– You ARE good enough.

– It’s good that you asked for help.

– Thank you for everything.

That’s all for now and remember to be good to yourself!

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